Daman earlier called ‘Damao’ is situated on the west coast of India, bordered by the Arabian Sea. Daman is a city in the union territory of Daman and Diu, on India’s west coast. It is surrounded by the Kolak River on the north, Gujarat on the east, Kalai River on the south and Gulf of Cambay on the west.  The clean and picturesque beaches of Daman are very inviting to all the tourists especially the ever tensed and tired urbanites. The amusement park on the Devka beach and Nani Daman rejuvenates and recreates the tourists. The illumination on festive days is a treat to the eyes. The Jampore beach offers a very silent and serene atmosphere, an ideal place for ‘solitude-hunters’. Other tourist places in Daman are Nani Daman Jetty Garden, old churches, forts, lighthouse and a summerhouse. The Portuguese Diogo de Melo arrived at the spot by chance in 1523, when heading towards Ormuz. He was caught in a violent storm and had his boat blown towards the coast of Daman. Soon after, it was settled as a Portuguese colony and remained so for over 400 years.


Places to  visit:

Fort, Moti Daman,Fort, Nani Daman; Light House (in Moti Daman Fort), Bom Jesus Church and Our Lady of Rosary Chapel (inside fort, Moti Daman Fort) Our Lady of Sea Church (inside Nani Daman fort), Hilsa Aquarium, Kachigam Water Tank, Nani Daman; Hathi Park, Moti Daman; Bridge Side Garden, Nani/Moti Daman; Municipal Children Park, Nani Daman.


Garba festival: is a popular folk dance of Gujarat and especially of Diu. It is normally performed by women dressed in colourful costumes with typical ornaments, accompanied by  singing of the song in praise of Goddess Amba. This is the most popular festival of the region. The colourful costumes, the mesmerising music and the graceful steps cast an enchanting spell on the viewers.

Folk Dance festival: The typical Portuguese regional folk dances of the territory include the Mando Dance, Vira Dance, the Verdigao in which happiness and the whole lifestyle of the people of Diu are depicted. In these dances, the clean roads, the delicious food and the traditions of Diu are described. Drink, eat, sing and be merry, that is the mote of the song and dance. The traditional dances are in slow motion with the elderly participating in them, but the young are carrying on the traditions of the old.



Devika Beach- 4 km, Near Devka Colony, Nani Daman, Jampore Beach-6 km, Near Jampore Village, Moti Daman.


Pandavas during their fourteen years of exile are believed to have passed a few days at a place known as Mani Nagar (DIU) which was under the Yadavas led by Krishna Vasudeva during Mahabharata period. According to mythology, Diu was ruled by the great king Jallandhar who was a daitya (Demon) and was killed by Lord Vishnu with his Sudarshan Chakra. The temple of Jallandhar still exists in Diu.

A palm-fringed, largely deserted and secluded beach, Nagoa is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in India. The unique shoe-shape of the beach makes it all the more beautiful.

Diu sports a colourful culture. As in Daman, there is a magnificent mix of Gujaratis and Portuguese here which reflects on lifestyle and culture. The friendly fun-loving people of Diu keep alive their priceless heritage of folk arts by singing and dancing.



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  1. Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER)
  2. INSCOL Hospital
  3. Ivy Hospital
  4. Silver Oaks Hospital
  5. CMC (Cheema Medical Complex) Hospital
  1. Carmel Convent School
  2.  St. Anne’s Convent School
  3. St. John’s High School
  4. Sacred Heart School
  5. Bhavan Vidyalaya
  6. Govt. Model Sr. Sec. School
  7. Chitkara International School
  8. Army Public School
  9. Delhi Public School
  10. Vivek High School
  11. Gurukul Global School
  12. St. Kabir Public School
  13. Strawberry Fields
  14. St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School
  15. St. Stephen’s School
  16. Yadavindra Public School
  17. The British School
  18. Kimberley – The International School
  19. Northridge International