Warm Your Winter With Spices

Warm Your Winter With Spices

Spices are the best part of the Indian kitchen to enhance the taste and aroma of food. In India, all weathers bring some special moments, memories and festivals and the yummy food make all these occasions very special. Whenever winter hits the climate the body requires some food that provides heat or warmth to keep the body cozy and ready for winters.

Here we describe some spices that will make your winters warming:-


A very rich source of vitamin K clove is used in winters to cure respiratory system, sore throat, cough and other infections. Clove comes from an evergreen tree and used all year to enhance the flavour of food at every occasion. In Winters cloves are used in tea, coffee, curry, soups, dishes and even in sweet dishes due to its charming rich flavour and taste. Indian mothers and grannies are using cloves for years in winters in a way to keep the family safe in winters.


Most of the Indian cousin’s turmeric is used to give a rich colour, flavour. A must-have part of Indian kitchen is turmeric, in all dishes, curry, soups, cutlets we use turmeric. It contains several anti-inflammatory qualities and anti-biotic properties to keep the body fit and healthy. The wet version of turmeric is also with the same benefits available in winters. Add some turmeric in milk to bring it to boil and use consume it in winters for utmost benefits.


A spice Queen of all spices is cardamom with unbeatable rich aroma and utmost aroma cardamom is used in all dishes both the formed green and brown version. In all dishes, tea, coffee, soups, sweet dishes, or cousins mostly in winters as it helps to keep the respiratory system healthy. Cardamom is the best spice during the depression.


Winters are never supposed to be better without cinnamon. Yes, the one and only herb and spice that cures several health issues with its wonderful sweet aroma and flavour. In winters it is the must spice as it helps in blood circulation, boost your immune system, keeps all the three doshas balanced ( Vata, Pitta, Cough). Cinnamon in winters or in any season keep your brain sharp, keeps the arthritis problems away, lower down the cholesterol only bad for your body. So this season brings the cinnamon home to keep your winters healthy and warm.


An antioxidant herb in both dry and wet forms keep the body circulation regular and keep you safe from cold, flu and other infections in winters.  People use it in tea, dishes, soups and ginger garlic paste to give a mouthwatering flavour. Ginger juice with honey and ginger with black paper clove an old granny treatment for cold, infection and flu. Include ginger this season to make your food delicious like ginger garlic soup, Garlic bread, paranthas and be fit helps you hit chest and respiratory infection. Stay updated stay healthy and happy with our latest updates for health tips.

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