Excessive Protein Sources

Excessive Protein Sources

Protein is the polymer of amino acids. A protein contains the long chain of peptides. Whenever you hear Protein, muscles, fitness, eggs all these things sudden comes before the eyes. Actually, the food helps to maintain you fit is needed protein. Whenever a protein breaks in a body it gives strength your metabolism and provides energy to the muscle mass. So here we go to describe top 5 Protein rich food.

Dairy Products & Egg

Eggs, milk, butter, cheese, yogurt all these dairy products that we use in daily life and are the best protein sources. Eggs are high protein source and loaded with brain nutrients, minerals, vitamins. An egg contains 3.6 gm protein and 16 calories. Egg white is pure protein and contains more than protein. Dairy products like milk, yogurt, Swiss cheese, coated cheese, tofu all are the amazing source of protein. People use soya milk, tofu, greek yogurt, coated cheese to make the food delicious. For vegetarians, all these products are must to include in the daily diet.

Dry Fruits & Seeds

All nuts contain good omega 3 acid and high protein.  Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, Pecans, cashews, coconuts are best to balance the protein in a diet.  All they are loaded with magnesium, omega 3 acids, vitamins, minerals, and calories. Best to use as a handful of mixed nuts daily in shakes, snacks or smoothies. Seeds like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seed, chia seeds are the wonderful source of protein and energy.  All these seeds and nuts are huge energy amount with smaller calories bars.


Seafood includes fishes, shellfishes like food for humans.  Barnacle. Crab, Crawfish (crawdad, crayfish, ecrevisse), Krill, Lobster (langouste, langoustine, Moreton Bay bugs, scampi, tomalley), Prawns. Shrimp (crevette, scampi) all are the best seafood with high protein. Seafood is not considered as meat because the meat is considered from the animal from land. Fish are considered in a different category.


Soya beans, Kidney beans, wheat germs, lentils, and oats are overloaded with fibre, vitamins, and proteins. All these contain rich amount of omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids (Protein), folic acids, carbohydrate, magnesium, zinc, and copper. These are good for the body in all ways, and easy to digest or you can say a package of overloaded protein.

Fruits/ Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are also loaded with protein. For vegetarian or vegan people fruits and vegetables like banana, guava, avocados, broccoli, cabbage, apricots, cauliflower and sweet corns are blessing in the form of protein, fibres, and several vitamins.  Use these fruits or vegetables in the daily diet as soups, salad, smoothies or any dish to fulfil the daily need of protein in the body.

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