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Place in Chandigarh Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake, snuggle at the foothills of Shivalik range, a place in Chandigarh. A man-made 3 km distanced lake, full of nature views, adorable surroundings.  Near Rock Garden a place Sukhna lake was made in 1958 and nowadays it’s a place where people go for jogging, family fun, picnic destination, friends get together, people who want to enjoy the stunning early morning and sunset views, a scenic   beauty where a lake green forests and backgrounds of Shivalik hills combination.

Sukhna Lake was manufactured by damming the seasonal stream, Sukhna Choe that comes down from Shivalik Hills. Le Corbusier designed it when the city Chandigarh was been planned. He kept the place for the fitness because he knew the resident should be aware of body care and spirit. So the place is designed so beautifully for every age group to enjoy at their level best. Every day in morning or evening youngsters, old aged people and children come to do fitness activities, jogging, stretching, yoga, meditation, walk, or to enjoy the view of nature.

Here you can do enjoy boating with family and friends and be feeding the ducks that are the really amazing part.

Portrait Art

At Sukhna Lake there are always the portrait artists available, visitors get their portrait made as they want within minutes. They keep it as a memory token or a return ticket of the place. Families, single or friends however you may get it and the charges are reasonable.


You can enjoy the booting at Sukhna Lake in two-seaters or four-seater boat. Most of the time the visitors come to enjoy boating with family and friends in the summer evening. It really gives you a pleasant experience when there are clouds and the cool bridge is blowing with small raindrops.

Bull Riding

An amazing fun experience at sukhna to ride the bull. Most of the people fail to control the bull by riding it. What you have to do here is to sit on the back of a bull and hold the horns tightly and try to control as you want.  The bull always throws you down when you aren’t able to control it. You will definitely enjoy this ride  I bet.

Fun & Food

At Sukhna Lake there is all arrangement to enjoy the delicious food like spice bhel, steamed corns, juice, fruit chaat, Dosa of different filling and many more items. Apart from this you can sit on the stairs of the lake any enjoy gossiping with your mates. Most of the time in summer you will enjoy the time by feeding ducks and you will be lucky to sit around with white beautiful ducks.

Enjoy  the Nature

At Sukhna you will enjoy the natural view of early morning in summer, winters and monsoon eye-catching sunrise and sunset view. Along with water lake surrounded by the lush green forest and background hills of Shivalik that make the visitors a witness of its beauty all the time. In evening music and nature together relax you at Sukhna Lake. Le Corbusier’s city plan sketches  French architect  Le Corbusier was the person to plan the city in such a beautifully managed way. You can watch the sketches of streets roundabouts, parks. India’s first planned city is really worth visiting once in life.

Suicide Point

A tower situated in the lake to measure the water level, years back people used to climb up on the tower and commit suicide. Numerous cases filed of suicides here so the gate to this tower is permanently closed now. But it just increases the beauty of the lake and people click pics of it.

Garden of Silence

At the other end of the lake, there is a beautiful garden called Buddha Peace Garden with such a very beautiful statue of god Buddha. People walk 3.5 km complete lake trek just to visit this beautiful peaceful garden. The garden has several marbled paths to this Buddha statue. Means you can reach the statue by walking different paths in the garden.

Water Regulator Dam

This dam is at another end of the Sukhna Lake near the Buddha Peace Garden. This dam is to level the water in the rainy season and to save from overflow or danger mark. It is closed all the year but opens in rainy days or monsoon season.

Very old Peepal tree

A peepal tree is still there, it was before the city was planned and developed. Just nature’s witness, the oldest tree in the city is still a beauty at the lake.

Peace Symbol, That represents Chandigarh

On Sukhna Lake if you have not clicked pics with the peace symbol then you have missed a chance to complete a trip to Chandigarh. People click pics with open hand peace symbol as a memory trip. This symbol represents open or ready to give and take peace, and togetherness.

So whenever you plan to visit Chandigarh don’t forget to visit or experience all these fun at Sukhna Lake and Rock Garden near it.

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