Haryana is a North Indian state surrounding New Delhi on 3 sides. The Yamuna River runs along its eastern border with Uttar Pradesh. Shared with Punjab, the state capital Chandigarh is known for its modernist buildings and gridlike street plan designed by Swiss architect, Le Corbusier.  Haryana, virtually the ‘green’ state, surrounds Delhi on almost three sides. Its close proximity to Delhi also makes the areas around Delhi, industrial townships. Badhkal Lake, Dabchik, Jungle Babler, Karna Lake, Sohna, Surajkund, Dumdama, Sultanpur and Kurukshetra are the place to visit in UK.


The Zakir Hussain Rose Garden features 1,600 species, while its Rock Garden showcases sculptures made with recycled materials. Haryana is primarily an agricultural state with some major industrial areas being developed by the government of India. It is one of the more developing states and offers a network of 45 tourist complexes, set up along the national and state highways.

Just a short drive from Delhi, one can visit Haryana’s tourist complexes for a day.


Surajkund: The internationally famous Surajkund Crafts Mela is held every year in the month of February, to promote Indian arts and handicrafts at Surajkund is only 10 km from Delhi.

Kurukshetra: Kurukshetra is a city in the north Indian state of Haryana. About 154 km. from Delhi is Kurukshetra, the place where the famous battle of the epic, Mahabharata was fought. It was here that the message of the Gita, the doctrine of Hindus, was given by Lord Krishna to doubt-ridden Arjuna on the battlefield.

It’s known as the setting of the Hindu epic poem the “Mahabharata.” The text’s great battle is depicted in a large diorama at the Kurukshetra Panorama and Science Centre. West of the city, the town of Jyotisar is a pilgrimage site where, according to the “Mahabharata,” the sacred “Bhagavad Gita” scripture was first delivered. The Kurukshetra tank attracts millions of pilgrims during eclipses when the water is believed to be especially purifying.

  1. Badkhal Lake
  2. Brahma Sarovar
  3. Damdama Lake
  4. Karna Lake
  5. Sukhna Lake
  6. Rafting At Hathni Kund
  7. Surajkund
  8. Sannihit Sarovar