Nake Chand’s Rock Garden

Nake Chand’s Rock Garden

Rock Garden is a stunning example of man-made art by the wastes by a single person to show his imaginary creativity in the real world. A garden that was developed, created, designed by a single person’s hard work for years long and a remark of beauty for the city Chandigarh. Nake Chand’s Rock Garden is in Chandigarh city near the Sukhna Lake, which is exactly in Sector-1 of Chandigarh. The garden has become a pride for the city with 5000 per day visitors when it was first noticed.

The Glory Of Rock Garden

Nake Chand’s was a simple road instructor and he collected all the spare particles like glass, cups, bangles, glass, electric waste, and broken pieces of bottles, pots, and others all around the city. He started the creation in 1957 and he used to be the single person to collect, re-arrange, and design about 5000 statues. The garden is arranged in 40 acre land per day thousands of people visit this mind-blowing and inspirational art.  Nake Chand kept his work continued for 18 years and it was first recovered and noticed by the government in 1975. The land was totally infertile as a long forest and no one even noticed his work for so long. Even the work was illegal so the garden had to face a hard time. Government authorities were not in the support and wanted to demolish it, but due to public support, it was being saved.


This garden so many interlinked courtyards and about three or four sections of different creations. In the garden, there is a hedge waterfall that attracts people more by beauty. The first phase of the garden having statues of birds, animal and human beings like soldiers, traditional wearer women and man all these made by bangle, glasses and broken pieces of the waste item. All the phrases are interlinked with each other by small passage, gates or beautiful nature decorated walls.

In this rock garden, you can enjoy camel riding, trains for kids and food stalls. The garden has a section where aquarium with different species of fishes. Children enjoy this section a lot. A section where different kind or mirrors are placed and the image in a funny way where u look fat, double, thin, tall, small it’s really worth visiting.

Cultural Activites

Every year various cultural programs are held and kept. Every year the Teej festival is enjoyed by the ladies and girls in this garden collectively. Cultural activities, henna design, music and dance held here and women appear in their cultural dresses. All these make the garden so colorful and full of happiness.

So whenever you visit Chandigarh next, must visit Nake Chand’s Rock Garden, near the Sukhna Lake, Sector-1, Chandigarh with your family, friends or relatives.

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