Monsoon Health tips

Monsoon Health tips

After a scorching hot summer, we are ready to welcome the monsoon. The season brings numerous changes in environment, temperature and in health. Different kind of virus and bacteria causes the flu, fever, conjunctivitis and many other infections and allergy. So we are sharing here some tips to be healthy in this monsoon season.

  1. Avoid heavy salty and spicy food because it may be the reason for water retention. Take proper water intake and keep your body hydrated.  Herbal tea and boiled water are good for health.
  2. Avoid street and fried food. In this season bacteria attack your immune system and lower down the immunity.
  3. Keep a distance from rice, muskmelon, lassi, and excess of mangoes they may give you a skin problem. Eat the apple, pears, pomegranates and other foods that are dry in nature like chickpea, grams, and corn. And try to avoid to take pre-cut fruits or from roadside vendors.
  4. Include curd, dry fruits, yogurt and other healthy food to increase your immunity. Add garlic, ginger, turmeric, neem and other spices in food that increase the flavor with many health benefits.
  5. Avoid eating raw leafy vegetables and salad. Even if you wash them many times some active bacteria may give you viral fever and infection or allergy problems.  Use steamed salad or vegetable soup in this season.

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