Himalayan Expressway

Himalayan Expressway is a tri-junction of Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh about 27.5 km long distance highway. It recovers 2.5 km in HP, 21 km in Haryana and 2 km in Punjab from both the side Zirakpur (Punjab, Haryana) and Parwanoo( HP).


The highway to Delhi Shimla

The highway to Delhi Shimla, Chandigarh Shimla, Punjab to Parwanoo and Shimla it cuts down the time and fuel just about 2-3 hours directly. The way is full of amazing views high hills with the green valley. Here you can enjoy the 4lane express ride in such stunning cool weather. Most of the people from Chandigarh Shimla travel in all-weather summer, winter and monsoon. Most pleasant weather you can enjoy monsoon, both side high hills, and clean highway a breathtaking view outside.

 tri-junction of Haryana

The highway bypasses Kalka and Pinjore just to save 2 hours directly. Himalayan Expressway constitutes 2 flyovers and eleven bridges a rail over-bridge. On the way to Himalayan Expressway first 14-lane toll plaza is in Zirakpur. This toll plaza is India’s first fitted RFID technology toll plaza.

The ride of Himalayan Expressway really refresh your mood and ease your eyes with green and hills view, or you can go with the family to enjoy a picnic or holiday Kasauli, Solan Shimla. The way is full of small restaurants, hotels, and Dhabas. All kind of delicious food is served here at the very reasonable price.

Himalayan Expressway

All kind of north Indian food or paranthas, momos, rice and Chinese food is available on most of the restaurant. One important thing you must try here is the fresh fruit juice, pickle, and wine. These products are handmade and pure, prepared by the fruits of Himachal valley. You will find the taste is mouthwatering of these juice, Pickle, and wine.

So next time whenever you are travelling Chandigarh to Shimla or Delhi to Shimla enjoy the Himalayan expressway and the juices you must try there.

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