Bollywood celebrities are animal lovers

Bollywood celebrities are animal lovers and no doubt we all knew well they all treat them as their own kids. We’ve even seen them post some really cute pictures of their pets on social media platforms. Our Bollywood stars are a  big of their pet. They love their pet unconditionally. Here we fished out some really adorable pictures of our favorite celebrities and their four-legged furry friends. Tell us who’s cuter.

Alia Bhatt with her gorgeous cat.

Alia’s home is incomplete without her cute adorable cat. She loves her cat more than anything. And whenever Alia is sad and not happy she likes to spend her time with her gorgeous cat. We have seen so many posts of Alia with her cat at her home. And really it’s difficult to stay away from such an amazing cute cat.

Anushka Sharma loves chilling with her dog – Dude

Anushka Sharma feels her family is complete with her adorable pet Dude. and yes we have seen the love of Anushka and her pet so many times on social media and it’s amazing. Whenever she gets time from her shoot or busy schedule she loves to spend time with her Dude. Spending times with pet reduce the stress and spread happiness, Anushka never misses the chance to spend time with her pet and to share her all problems.

Priyanka Chopra loves her cute little doggie

Priyanka Chopra loves her cute little doggie Brando who she has named after actor Marlon Brando. She feels happy and relaxes while sharing her time with her cute dog. She is busy in her national and international projects but in her all busy schedule she manages her time for her pet. As she thinks pets are more emotional and worthy as a  best friend.

Shraddha Kapoor with her dog after a long day.

Same as other Bollywood actor and actress Shraddha is in love with the pet. Whenever she is at home she loves to go on the walk and spend time with her dog. She misses her when she is busy with her shooting. After a long day of work, she loves to relax with her pet, as her pet is the stress reliever for her.

Athiya Shetty’s dog is as good looking as her.

Sunil Shetty’s daughter Athiya loves to keep her dog always around her. And her social media snaps and posts with her pet shows that her pet is as much adorable as Athiya Shetty is. Sometimes I also feel a pet can be a best friend of a human not all times we need a male or female best friend.

Sonakshi Sinha with her pet Dog

Sonakshi Sinha shares a cute moment with her dog on social media and shows a strong bond between both of them. A hectic day or busy schedule whenever she feels tired she needs her pet dog to stay with her to let her feel happy and it makes her happier.

Yami Gautam is a happy girl with her dog.

Yami is a cool girl and so her pet is cool. They share a great home together and really waits for  Yami to return home restlessly. It’s really amazing when you return home and gets a warm hug from your adorable pet.

Jacqueline Fernandez with her baby kitten

Who’s cuter: Jacqueline Fernandez or her baby kitten? Not always a dog is an option to keep as a pet. Jacqueline shares a lovely pic of her with her darling baby kitten. And really we are in doubt who more adorable. As her baby cat is furry and lovable, that made us speechless.  

Hrithik Roshan shows off his glorious dog on social media.

A very handsome gentleman of Bollywood Duggu is happy with his glorious dog. He has an extreme love for his pet and that shows her social media images with his male dog. He loves most his fitness and his pet too.

John Abraham’s Love

Doesn’t John Abraham make a good daddy? John loves his pet dog as a kid and loves unconditionally. This kind of love of Bollywood celebrities towards their pet shows great humanity and as they feel and love their pet as their kids this makes my heart happier.

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