5 NFS (Night Food Street) Point in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the city completed by students from nearby states, out stationed employees and bachelors. Students and employees are mostly putting up in PG’s or Hostel and using tiffin service, dhaba food or street food for daily purpose. There are some NFS points also available for tasty and delicious food.

Sector 14

The food street at night in sector 14 is available with all kind of pakoras, fried food, paranthas, juice shake, and Chinese food. The place is nearby the PGI Govt. Hospital and at another end at the end of Punjab University. So the best is for students, working men, women, and patients. The food is really of good quality and at a reasonable price. Here you can buy tandoori rotis and one bowl dal at rupee 20 also, that make it easily affordable for all.

Sector 22

Sector 22 is famous for mobile and electronic appliances and most of the students’ lives in PG here. Just because is it the nearby sector of ISBT 17 Sector, 22 Rehdi markets, and  34 student training center hub. Here you can get the omelet, bread pakora, paranthas, burger, pickle and many options. One option as Aroma eating house is also available but not as street food.

Sector 43

ISBT 43 is also a great option for the day-night food court. Shops at ISBT 43 are for all best quality north Indian, Chinese food, and beverages. Here you can find 24*7 services for fresh food at best price. Other shops are as tea stalls, book stalls, packed food items all are easily available here.

Sector 11

Sector 11 is the also one of the posh areas of Chandigarh. All the colleges are nearby so the sector is full of students, PG’s, accommodations. As most of the students are not good at cooking or even don’t know how to cook the best option for them is NFS sector 11. This NFS starts after 10 PM and runs till early morning. The delicious food you must try here as paranthas with different stuffing, omelette, Maggi, soup noodles and many more items. The young crowd is always you can found here of students and bachelors.

Sector 17

ISBT sector 17 is a great food hub for the day and night visitors. As the city Chandigarh is always full of visitors and passengers, the best quality of fresh food and different items are available here 24*7 hours.  Here you can have Indian food, Chinese food, tea, cold drinks omelette, sandwiches, burger, paranthas and many more items.

Chandigarh City is really blessed with these amazing NFS points for all age group people. So whenever you are in Chandigarh and want to hang-out with friends and family late night and searching food corners go for these best NFS and enjoy the midnight food and beverages.

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