5 Hill-station Near Chandigarh for one day visit

5 Hill-station Near Chandigarh for one day visit

Chandigarh, a   city of India is exactly what I personally like to stay forever. The city is connected to Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal from all side and adopt a different culture with open hands.

A city where the young Punjabi, Haryanvi and Himachali faces with ambitious dreams and all retired government employees of UT make the city enthusiastic. You never see the sadness or grief on the faces in this city that gives a positive vibe to everyone. Chandigarh is surrounded by most beautiful hill stations and eye-catching picnic spots. So now let’s get the list of top 5 nearby visiting place for one day trip.

1  Morni Hills

A hamlet at about 45 km from Chandigarh, a very beautiful, scenic view of the lake and the lush green valley is Morni Hills. Through a village and all vegetation when you reach Morni hills you will feel the very cool, fresh and outstanding breathtaking views you will enjoy. People go for fun and picnic on this spot and do camping. It connects Chandigarh from Haryana border near Zirakpur.

2  Parwanoo

A beautiful hill station near Kalka, Parwanoo is the best fun spot for all age groups. At about 36 km distance from Chandigarh, this amazing place is the family picnic spot. Timber train you can do enjoy and must try. It’s a cable train ride what you definitely love to, a ride between Shivalik hills and Kausalya valley. At height of hills a restaurant to enjoy food and nature.

You can visit Pinjore Garden also on the way from Chandigarh to Parwanoo.

3  Kasauli

A British- era pleasant climate, utmost ice-cold hills at back draw, attractive treks a hill station Kasauli is at about 60 km from Chandigarh. Not just the same as Shimla but most the same with British styled Churches, schools, and lifestyle you can see here. The visitor comes to visit Church, Monkey point, Sunset point and wooden items like chair, doorbell and handmade items. It is also a vast army cant area, between the oak and pine forest. You must visit this ideal, peaceful climate hill station.

4  Solan

If you are seeking for ice-capped peaks, treks near the Chandigarh than Solan is the perfect location. At about 67 km distance from Chandigarh an ideal hill station for travellers. On the way to Kalka Shimla Solan is enriched with hills, jungle, ice-capped peak views. Solan is named from the Shoolini Devi temple. Here in Solan, you can visit the market, Shoolini Devi temple, an old monastery, Habban valley, and Kuthar fort.

5 Nahan

Nahan is a perfect romantic place far from the buzzing city at about 83 km distance from Chandigarh. It was the capital of the legendary Rajput kingdom of Sirmaur. In Nahan, you can enjoy boating, in Renuka lake and can enjoy Renuka wildlife Sanctuary and Ponta Sahib. The best picnic place near the Chandigarh for one day. You can really enjoy the Shivalik hills view from all side and Renuka Ji lake. In Nahan, the second Municipal Corporation is structured in India after Kolkata.

So whenever you are planning to visit some hill station near Chandigarh for a day trip, please visit all these stunning places with family and friends to make your weekend memorable.

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